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This is PHP package repository mirror site.

If you're using PHP Composer, commands like create-project, require, update, remove are often used. When those commands are executed, Composer will download information from the packages that are needed also from dependent packages. The number of json files downloaded depends on the complexity of the packages which are going to be used. The further you are from the location of the server, the more time is needed to download json files. By using mirror, it will help save the time for downloading because the server location is closer.

Please do the following command to change the PHP Composer config to use this site as default Composer repository.



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This site offers its services free of charge and only as a mirror site.

This site only provides package information / metadata with no distribution file of the packages. All packages metadata files are mirrored from We do not modify and/or process the JSON files. If there is something wrong, please disable the setting the Disable command above and try to refer to the original